Vendini TicketScan App Reviews

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iOS 11 breaks the barcode scanner

Don’t update to iOS 11 it will prevent the scanner case from working. Also the app never shows how many people have been scanned in. At the top it always shows 0 of xx no matter how many tickets have been scanned in. It would also be really nice to get just a list of tickets that haven’t been scanned in yet for an event.

Won't add up the sales

When scanning tickets it says it goes through but doesn't add up the tickets number for me to know how many I scanned I've had this app on several apple products and all have the same problem. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times but it doesn't help I'm very disappointed in this app


There is no option to sing up. There is just the option to log in!


This app crashes consistently, it logs me out due to "inactivity" when I have just logged in. This is not just on my phone, it's happened to me on multiple phones so it has got to be a problem with the app itself.

Great but flash has issues

The app is really great but for some reason I can't get the flash to work on my iPhone 6.


Unfortunately, without the ability to remove misc. line items and delve discount codes, this app is useless.

App does not work

Been a Vendini customer for over 7 years. This app does not load our current and future events. Completely useless.

Chief Event Coordinator

A great app. Makes ticket entry so much easier and quicker. Well designed UI and quick response via caching make it indispensable when handling long lines of ticket holders.

Vast improvement from the last version.

This is the upgrade our organization has been waiting a long time for. The caching functionality works great and the new UI is both simple and poweful at the same time! Quick stats thank you!!!

Works on iPhone, NOT on iPod Touch

This app works to scan tickets on the iPhone but not on the iPod Touch as stated. It will connect to the Vendini site on the Touch but the camera will not scan the bar codes on the tickets. On the iPhone, it does work although it takes a little time to get the code locked. If you have a lot of people at the door, you need multiple devices to avoid a backup. I bought an iPod to use at our venue and am very disappointed that it doesn't work as advertised. To make it owrk, you have to buy an attachment for the iPod that costs $499. Not worth it.

Great App

Excellent app, scansticketsquickly ans efficiently.

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